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"The Trust Triggers"

Includes 5 audios that explain how to use our 7 step process for using triggers for building more trust in your relationship.  A detailed Action Guide accompanies the audios to help you put these Trust Triggers into practice. Also included are the two recordings on how to use ONLY Trust Building words and phrases when you talk to your spouse or partner and our "3 Minute Negative Thought Stopper" audio to give you immediate relief when your thoughts send you on a downward spiral.


"Relationship Trust Turnaround"

In this downloadable program, you'll learn specific strategies for learning to trust yourself, making conscious choices instead of reacting, speaking your truth from your unfulfilled or unspoken wants, needs or desires and making requests that are able to be heard and understood --and most of all, how to communicate with ease.


"Answers To The Ten Top Questions About How To Rebuild Trust In A  Relationship or Marriage"

This presentation is nearly ninety minutes and in these two audio recordings, we show you how to stop imagining "worst case scenarios," our take on "flirting," our answer to the question "is jealousy ever warranted," and making sure your partner isn't cheating, spying. We talk about the most important steps to trusting, dealing with lies and lying, demonstrating trustability, dealing with actual infidelity, what to do when your partner falsely accuses you and much more..

"Otto Collins Interviews Dr. Bob Huizenga (The Infidelity Coach) About His Secrets and Strategies for Helping You Rebuild Trust In Your Relationship or Marriage"

On this recording, you're going to learn about 7 distinctly different types of affairs, how to deal with these different situations, what you can do when your partner can't or won't open to you more, how to use both verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate to rebuild trust and much more... 

"Otto Collins Interviews Leslie Karen Sann On Forgiveness"

On this audio recording, you'll learn new tools for releasing blocks to forgiveness, some of the best ways to forgive, how to use forgiveness as a tool for rebuilding trust, when to forgive and when not to forgive, a better way to "forgive and forget," amazing skills for opening your heart and much more...

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Bonus #1 -- "Instant Relationship Breakthroughs" ebook
21 immediately useable and practical ideas for reclaiming your relationship, improving communication and rebuilding trust.

Bonus #2 --"Relationships and Money" audio
In this audio, we guide you through how to handle sensitive money issues in relationships and we tackle the toughest of tough financial conflicts between couples. You will learn the proper way to address who should handle the finances, whether or not to keep separate finances and how to reconcile financial concerns in blended families.

Bonus #3--"Freedom and The Art of Forgiveness" ebook
This is an incredibly valuable 12 page instantly downloadable companion "handout" that will help you get even more out of the interview Otto did with Leslie on Forgiveness that is included in this package and described above.

Bonus #4--"10 Communication Mistakes Most People Make in Their Relationships and What They Can Do To Fix Them" ebook
This short ebook by Susie and Otto contains the master keys on how to start improving communication now with everyone in your life. This will give you even more help with communicating with your partner as you move toward rebuilding trust and restoring your relationship and connection.

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